Hello to every one who reads this, all two of you. Yes, I think I used to have three but due to my neglectful nature I think I have lost a reader. (sniff, sniff)
Oh well, que sera, sera.

So again today I have absolutely no urge to write. I think a post that my good friend jelly wrote about before that said most bloggers end up giving up their blogs probably has some truth to it. I read other blogs, like the one linked on my favorites, and I honestly dont know how they do it. Their stories are ALWAYS interesting, funny, or touching. I cant seem to pull a story or any kind of subject matter out of my ear.

I guess I have one story, kind of. Im thinking about re-joining the work force. I have been a SAHM for a LOOOOOONNNGGGG time now, and I used to feel happy about it. I was happy to be taking care of my little ones. But, for quite a few years now, I have been having this itch, NO, not a dirty kind of never wash your hair kind of itch, but an itch that makes me restless and really want to put my degree to good use.

I just feel EXTREMELY guilty for wanting to get out of the house and work. I feel like leaving my baby in a day care is somehow betraying her and I should say THEM. Although my big girl is in school, she would have to go to the day care center after school. Both of my parents worked. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, I was never left in a day care center. I had an enormous family, with many aunts that were more than happy to take care of all of their nieces and nephews. Family. I wish I had some. Well, at least some that lived close by. All of my family lives over an hour a way. Can you imagine that commute? UGH! I cant. And I wont.

I haven't made a solid decision on this very sensitive subject yet. I'm merely testing the waters and weighing my options. Day care is BY THE WAY freeking
EXPENSIVE ! Its Unbeliveable how expensive it is.

But, here is another BUT, I think I found a way to cut some of the cost of day care, while being able to work. Lets just say, I'll know after I meet with the day care management. I hear they have an Administration opening. Wink wink. I hate counting chickens so with that said. I bid you adieu, adios, or Good bye for now. Which by the way reminds me of something, how many of you think that ADIOS which is two words meshed together, really, actually means goodbye? Well, technically it is used to say good bye but the words are actually (A Dios) or To God, many Hispanics say Adios as a way of saying go with god, or God be with you. So, there you go a now you have another wrinkle in your brain. Wrinkles on the brain are good, the ones on your face, not so much.
Take care
Talk to you soon,


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