Well, many of you may have noticed that I have yet again been away from my blog. For a while I was struggling to come up with good topics to write about, but couldn't really come up with anything interesting. Not to say that todays post will be any different. I have written something about my favorite political subject on my other blog. Yes its about Obama. Yes, I had to go there again. Lets just say I TOLD YOU SO!

As for my absence, well that is easily explained. My one year old has been very sick! She had/has Croup. I have no idea how she got it, but it makes me very angry. My big girl never got croup. I had only heard that word before and never really knew what it was. BUT, boy it can really pack a punch on your little ones.

She had a cough that sounded like a puppy barking. For a second on the drive to the E.R. I wondered if it was the dreaded whooping cough that is supposedly making its way around the US. Thankfully the Doctors stressed that it wasn't whooping cough but it was another dangerous kind of respiratory illness that had invaded my poor baby's body.

She still has a slight cough lingering, but we are now battling a double ear infection. I really need to start weening her from the "ba-ba" or bottle for those of you who don't speak baby. I'm not sure if this is the reason for her ear infections, but I have a really strong feeling that its not helping that she loves to lay down with her bottle. She takes it and just lays down and relaxes. Its one of the few moments that she is actually quiet and not fighting with her big sis. I feel sorry for my big girl, she is not the fighting type, but I have a feeling that is going to change the longer she is around the bully BABY. What is it with second children? Why are they so aggressive? Why are they constantly fighting with their older siblings. I give her all the attention and love that she could ever ask for but it never seems to be enough for her.

I have given her and all other second children a name for their problem, and YES it is a PROBLEM. I call it SBS, or second baby syndrome. I wish could come up with a cure for this. So far my my studies of other families suffering from SBS, there has only been one cure for this problem and that is, time. Time seems to be the only cure. Time, Time, Time, I already don't have enough of it as it is, and now I come to find out that I have about 17 years more to go.

Oh well, I must admit, I wouldn't have it any other way. My kids are my everything. And I thank God everyday for the gift of them (and my hubby, cause with out him, well, lets face it, there would be no them)

and as I end this post and hear the screams of a one year old attacking a nine year old, I ask you to check out my other blog, and remember to always come back and visit.

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