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I hope you all had a wonderfully happy Mothers day. I know I did. There's nothing like seeing family to make special occasions even that much more special. Ok, so today I decided to paste an old post of mine. This time there is a really good reason for this re-post though. The old post is about a Lost or shall I say stolen piece of property of mine. I went crazy looking for this thing, and once it was back in my hands I vowed to never let it be out of my sight again. Well, lets just say that I broke my vow, and it was gone yet again. This time there was a different outcome though, I really did catch the suspect of the last incident in the act, and mind you she is a one and a half year old who has this peculiar way of figuring out how to turn on electronics. She managed to sneak away with my camera, in doing so she was able to catch some pretty funny pics of my living room floor, about 5 times. I couldn't help remember my old post when I was busy deleting the repeat pics off of my memory card. So here once again for your entertainment is the post That was titled, A high profile case has been solved.

Today has been an exciting news day.
A couple of weeks ago a horrible crime took place. A private investigator was even hired to find the stolen property. The initial investigation showed leads to a small un-organized crime mob.
A suspect who is also believed to be the un-organized crime mob leader, was caught and was being held for interrogation. I even heard that some sort of torture methods were being used to make the suspect break and confess to the crime. The suspect never broke. There was a good reason for that though, which I will get into in a bit.
Last night at around 9 pm, after weeks of searching for a stolen piece of property the object was found safe and unharmed.

Yes, My digital camera was found. YAY! I had ya going there for a minute didn't I?

The entire time I have been searching for my digital camera, I was convinced that my 1 year old "non-speaking", (yet), baby had hidden it from me. I know, I'm a terrible mother, I have no faith in my young, innocent baby. WELL, if you knew this little baby the way I do, you would have suspected her little sticky fingers as the culprit too. After weeks of pure frustration, and not being able to find my camera, I hired a a 9 year old private eye, My 9 year old daughter. I have to say that she has steep prices, but I had had enough, I had no choice but to agree to her payment terms. I haven't been able to take pictures of my girls, their baby cousin, and my family. I also haven't been able to take pictures of the stacks of checks I'm getting from all the surveys I take.

Did I mention that I love to show off my kids to unsuspecting strangers? hahaha, Just COMPLETELY kidding! I do how ever, like to show you some of the checks I get from the survey centers. I use them as a way to motivate and reassure other potential survey takers to join in on all the fun. Ok, so back to my story.
So, yesterday after another day of searching I gave up. I almost tore all my hair out looking high and low for that camera. So, I told my big girl that if she found the camera with in two weeks, I would pay her a whopping 5 dollars, in cold hard cash, or actually crisp green paper. Her eyes practically popped out of her head as she agreed. We even shook on it. So, she searched, and after about 5 to 10 minutes, something else grabbed her attention and she forgot all about her task at hand. Go figure.

I guess thats why you cant actually be a private investigator at the tender age of 9. 9 year olds are easily distracted. So we all went on with our daily routine. We had dinner, we watched wheel of fortune, which by the way is a great way to get TV watching and family game night done at the same time. The three of us (Me, Hubby, and Big Girl...the baby refuses to play) all play along, we choose our favorite color and we pretend that we are the contestants. I always WIN! haahaha. NO MERCY! Then girls go down for bed, and I proceed to enjoy MOMMY time! YAY!
Except that Last night, mommy time consisted of once again searching for that DAMN camera. At least I got a few closets organized again. I was about to give up, when I happened to look up at an empty flower pot that sits way at the top of the lone bookshelf in my office. This is the same office where I last saw the camera. This is the same office where I constantly have to put things out of reach of my one year old. So I said to my self, well, take a look, it cant hurt, I mean, I have looked every where else and haven't found it, one more flower pot cant take up much more of my time. So, I grab the pot and low and behold, the freegin camera is in the freegin pot.

Thats when it all rushed back to me. I had put the camera in there for safe keeping. I put it there while I removed all my college books off of the twin book shelf that sat next to the lone book shelf, so that I can then put the empty book shelf in the room of my book worm of a so called Private eye 9 year old. WHEW that was a mouthful.I forgot that I put it there. UGH! I was relieved and pissed at myself at the same time. I couldn't believe that I could forget something so freegin easy. Im sure none of you moms can relate. Any way, as I was reveling in my glee, I realized that I had promised my 9 year old $5 to find it. She had already begun to plan on how she was gonna spend it. She was gonna add it to the other money she has been saving and buy her self another webkin (a webkin is a little stuffed animal, that has its own website to play games, and which I will save the rest of the details for another post.) She has been saving her allowance for an "eternity", as she puts it. If I can remember correctly, an eternity began way back in January of 2008 when she realized that the webkin she got as a Christmas gift was lonely and needs a pal.

I couldn't bring my self to take away the glory she was sure to have by finding that camera for me, away from her. So I did what any other parent would do, I hid it all over again. What? Wouldn't you do his too? I put it in a cabinet where we keep all of the baby toys out of sight. YES, I essentially just framed my poor innocent baby, so that her big sister could still find and earn her well deserved 5 dollars. I mean she is a FREEKING STRAIGHT "A" student, and I have been meaning to award her for bringing home an AMAZING report card, and an official certificate that shows that she is in fact a straight "A" student. (OK, I'll stop bragging, now) Oh yeah, AND, I made sure to put a reminder to find it, and where to find it in my phone, to avoid any other framing of suspects.
So, this morning, I kinda told my daughter to look one more time in the baby's cabinet.

I told my big girl that I saw the baby with it last, a few weeks ago, so I knew the baby had to have been the one who hid it. After about five minutes of intense searching, I hear my big girl GASP, and immediately rush to me with her hand out saying, "that will be five bucks mom". I know I framed an innocent baby, get over it. I did it for a great cause. I got to see that gorgeous smile come from my big girl and light up my day first thing in the morning. So I immediately paid up, and she proceeded to put her hard earned money into her piggy bank that her grandma and grandpa gave her when she was just a baby. In the end, we both got what we wanted. I got to make my big girl happy, and she got her well deserved "five bucks." As for the baby, she will never know that she was framed in the name of her big sisters happiness.

I'm sure we will be hitting up the nearest mall this weekend in hopes of finding the PERFECT webkin. I just know it will be a great weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend too.

No babies were harmed in the making of this story, the baby was tortured with a fudgesicle. After the baby / suspect was released she was given a fudgesicle in hopes of repaying her for any inconveniences, and also to avoid any future lawsuits.

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