Hello everyone.
I hope your week has gone well so far.
As many of you know I have been struggling with topics to write about lately, due my fever...Spring fever that is. BUT, today is gloomy out and I don't quite feel like going out and getting my toes wet from chasing down the baby in the wet grass, because she is about to put some sort of bug she managed to catch in her mouth. Which will also surely result in her wet pants, which will then result in having to change her clothes yet again, which will then result in her throwing a fit because she has no idea how hard grass stains are to get out of clothes if it sits too long, which will the result in me taking her pants putting them by the kitchen sink to treat the stain but as I hear the sound of something crashing in the living room, I will have to leave the pants, run to see what happened, see that the baby has destroyed yet another not so priceless item in the house, which will result in me forgetting completely about the pants and concentrating on keeping any broken pieces of what ever baby has broken out of her mouth and out of her tiny toes, which will then cause yet another fit, which will then result in me having to leave that mess and take her to her high chair for her breakfast, yes I said breakfast, then I realize that I have left the pants by the sink untreated, so I commence to treat the stain, while feeding the baby, or actually catching the food she is throwing around and trying to prevent another mess on my floor, which then reminds me that I never cleaned up the mess of my broken artifact so, as I reach for the broom I realize that I cant just leave the baby in the high chair unattended, so I do, for just one minute while I sweep up all the pieces that will surely end up lodged in someones foot by the end of the day, because I didn't get to really clean the mess as well as I wanted, because as soon as I leave the baby's site she starts to scream MAMA! MAMA! in this certain tone that sounds kinda like she is saying, hey you good for nothing mom, what are you doing leaving me here all alone? So I go to her make sure she is fine, give her her sippy cup, throw away the broken stuff, pick up some of the food on the floor under her (don't ask me why I would do that when she hasn't even finished her food yet) get back to the pants, realize that I already treated them, and have somehow managed to survive the first few hours of the start of the day, now I take a deep breath and also realize that its only 9:30 am. I still have an entire day with my baby who is not actually a baby she is a 13 year old in a one and a half year olds body.

So, how does your day start? Mine is a piece of cake... at least that is what I tell myself and CPS.....hahaha just joking on th CPS part...God Forbid.

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