Hi everyone.
I just wanted to talk a little about something today.
This is for moms of little ones who may feel bored of being home, or alone with no grown ups to have conversations with. Believe me, baby talk can only take you so far and is not always appropriate. I mean, I love my husband, but its gotten to a point now that I refer to him and get his attention by calling him daddy. Now, I know he isn't my daddy, but lately I have called him daddy a few times when I ask him something, its insane. Its a sure sign that I need to get out.

I know I need to get out but there is a BIG BUT, and I'm not talking about the one in my pants. My problem or I should say the only thing holding me back from getting out of the house and possibly into the workforce is that I cant afford daycare, nor do I really TRUST day care.

So, today as I was signing up my big girl for Vacation Bible school, I was approached by a few of my fellow church friends who I really adore. I haven't really been going to church a lot lately since my little girl was born over a year ago, so seeing them was like a light switch turned on inside me. GROWN UPS! YAY! As we were talking and catching up, and they all were taking turns to baby talk to my little one, they told me that they are in desperate need for teachers for their mothers day out program and volunteers for VBS. They need me, for something other than when is dinner ready, or poopy diaper changes. They need my bilingual expertise, my leadership skills, my, ok, ok, child care taker skills. I jumped at the chance.

So, I signed up for the volunteer, I submitted an application to be a mothers day out teacher. YEP, I said application, I will be getting paid to care for children for two days a week. Not much, but I'm not hard up for money, so any amount is welcomed.

The reason I'm happy about working two days a week is the free ON SITE DAY CARE, that is literally feet away and I can pop my head in and check on her as much as I want. I will also be able to actually start adding to my resume, because eventually I will be getting back into the workforce and I think it might be nice to have something on my resume, rather than handing a practically blank sheet of paper to a potential employer.

So, my whole point about this post is that I want to let all you mothers out there that, you don't have to be stuck at home. Don't underestimate the friendships and opportunities that your local church may have for you. I started out volunteering in the office for faith formation classes and just from volunteering I have made some really great friends at church, and because of their friendship, they have now banned together to be my references. YAY!!

So you see, Church, what ever that is for you, can really help anyone and everyone, spiritually and emotionally, and who knows maybe even financially. Just ask your church if there is anything that you can volunteer a few hours a week with, and then just go with that and see where destiny takes you.

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