Hi Every one,
I just wanted to let you all in on a little secret. Ok, well, its not a secret, but, I do have something to say. I joined a new FREE web site that pays you to write. Its called Associated content. Every time you get an article published and you have people actually read it you earn money. They pay through pay-pal which is really cool. This site is also a networking site where you can read what other people are writing, and interact with the writer. I have only written on two subjects as of now, as soon as I start seeing earnings I am sure I will write more. In the mean time, if you want to read what I wrote about you can just click the link I have posted Fourth of July in Rockwall, Texas">here and you will be taken straight there.

My first published article is about how the town I live in celebrates the 4th of July.
I'm pretty proud of the town I live in and it has a wonderful sense of community. I'm going to go ahead and say this. I live in the town that Jason Castro the guy on American Idol that had the horrible looking dread locks is from.

Although I did at times enjoy Jason's singing abilities, I was really a bigger fan of David Cook.
Something about his rough manly voice caught my attention from the get go. So any way, I digress. What I was getting at is that I wrote about my town and it's beauty if you want to read it, which I hope you all do, just click the link I am adding
Fourth of July in Rockwall, Texas">HERE
and/or the link I posted above. Have fun and I hope you enjoy.

Take care.

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