(Due to the some inclement weather issues, you know the type, 70's, blue skies, flowers blooming, playground a-calling, I will be doing a re-post. It has some good information to get you on your way to earning money from home. I have all the buttons and links of survey site and other site that have already sent me checks or have sent payments to my paypal account on my side bar. Take a look, and remember if you have any questions leave me a comment below and I will get you the information you need ASAP)

So today the door bell rings. Oh no, I think to myself, I'm not expecting any one, I'm not any where near presentable. No make up, hair in a pony tail, jeans and a sweat shirt, you know, the moms standard uniform. Only on special outings do I dare sport my Fabulous boots and "nice clothes". So who could be at the door? I take a quick peek at my self in the mirror, decide I'm ok to open the door, there are no food items, or baby fluids stuck to me as of yet. So I open the door and it was the UPS guy. He has a box for me. A box that has the name of a survey company that I had signed up for about a month or so ago. Its called AC Nielson. So I sign for the box, I'm feeling quite important at this point. (Its usually my hubby that gets things delivered, like tires, tools, blue teeth or is it blue toothes?) I take my box and quickly open it. It has a scanner inside. It is similar to the scanners you see the cashiers use at the grocery stores. And that is exactly what it is for. I am now a member of the AC Nielson Home scan team. WOOHOO! I am supposed to scan the things I buy at stores, food and non food. Then I send my scanning to them via the internet. The provided the scanner, the software, the usb cable, and return labels along with paid postage. The labels and postage is to be used if I decide to opt out or if the scanner doesn't work upon arrival, I can send it back at no cost to me. After the very easy set up, I am now ready to scan my groceries. Some people may be wary about giving out such private information. They may be worried some one will find out that they buy store brand pinto beans and use way too much tp. I, on the other hand don't care who knows about my groceries. The entire line at the local grocery store already saw me load the conveyor belt with a family size toilet paper, tampax, and mouth wash right next to my gallon of milk, cans of beans, frozen treats, and countless other "personal" items. I watch peoples eyes as I'm loading the conveyor belt. I see them scanning my purchases, as if saying, ooh I need that, or, oh man I wonder if she has stomach issues. HAHAHAHA. Ok enough about that. My point is, I am extremely excited to get started. I saw the catalog where you trade your points for gifts. The gifts are awesome. There are gifts like, Flat screen TV's (great gift for the hubby), coffee makers (great gift for my coffee addicted brother), Lap top (cant decide If I would keep that or give it to my mom), gifts for the kids, And the one prize that made my heart jump out of throat. It was a beautiful COACH purse. Those of you who know me, know that I don't like to buy too many expensive things, but purses and boots are my two weaknesses. Although I don't have many of either, I would love to get a FREE purse! Are you kidding me, FREE, who wouldn't want anything free? OH, my, I can just see that bad boy on my arm right now, while I'm walking down the isle of my local dollar store. HAHAHA. Oh yeah, they also have countless other things to choose from. I will be keeping you all posted on my new adventures in home scanning. I'm looking for the link to get you all there and signed up. I must warn you, there is a waiting list which is why I it took so long for me to get my free scanner. But I'm hoping it is worth the wait. I will let you all know. I'm also adding a couple of pictures of the scanner. AND, I'm going to add a picture of one of the checks I recently received from survey spot. I hope the picture of the check that has been deposited safely into my account, will encourage you all to join in on the survey revolution. It's FREE, and the only thing you need is Patience. You WILL NOT make big buck right away, but in due time you will begin to see the fruits of your labor.
Check out the pictures and let me know what you think. In the mean time, I'm off to begin scanning my entire pantry. OK, not the entire pantry, just half of it. hehehe.
Talk to you all soon

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