OK, I'm a little late with this TERRIBLY SAD news, but The poor little boy who had brain cancer has passed away. Julian Avery was his name. I went to the blog that keeps me posted on him, and it has posted that he passed away a couple of days ago. His funeral was today January 24 at 11. To my surprise he is from here in TEXAS, Fort Worth. I grew up in Fort Worth. My mom lives in Fort Worth. Maybe thats why I had a strong sense of connection to him and his family. Or maybe its because he is just a baby and I cant for the life of me comprehend how something so horrible and so tragic could happen to a child. IM SORRY! I cant I cant write any more about this. I cant believe the profound pain I feel for a child that I don't even know. For his mother, for his brothers. I cant type through my tears. DAMN IT! Cancer I HATE YOU! You have taken another soul that was too young! You take them every day! I hate you! If you want to read more click these links. Rest in Peace Julian. I will pray for you. I will pray for your mom and brothers and your whole family. If you have children, Kiss them hold them tight, always tell them that you love them! If you have loved ones near or far LOVE them with all your heart and tell them! You can also go light a candle for him here

See his obituary here
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2) 'Til we meet again JUJU
3) Julian's treasure box
and my old post when I found Julian click here

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Angie said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Yes, Cancer sucks. I have read about Julian on Because I Said So.

I like the look of your site. I know NOTHING about HTML, but would love a 3 column layout to be able to put of pertinent information about Brian higher. BlogHer has to be above the fold, so my 2 column layout won't allow it.


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