Please help a Family in need.
I found this blog that belongs to a fellow MOM. I found her through the famous blog lady named Dawn, the lady that was on GMA and world news tonight. I really enjoy her post, now that I think about it I should have tagged her too. Any way, she has a friend named Michelle, who has her own story. Michelle's story is quite moving. I dont even know how to begin writting about her story without tearing up. But I will try. It seems that she has a young boy who is suffering from cancer, and as if cancer isnt horrible enough, this little boy is fighting BRAIN CANCER. I cant explain how quickly my heart sank, when I read about this young boy on http://www.mom2my6pack.blogspot.com/. I dont understand how or why such horible things have to happen to anyone let alone a child. My family was affected by this horrible disease only a few short years ago. The cancer victim was not a child though, he was my Grandfather. We lost him to lung cancer on July 23, 2003. My grandfather meant and continues to mean the world to me. His death was the most difficult thing I had to deal with to date. I continue to miss him. The poem I wrote called "thinking of you" was written in many ways for him. To this day I continue to feel an intense feeling of loss for him. I know my Mother does too. I can see it in her face, I can see it in her eyes. We dont really talk about him to each other, but my mom and I have this bond that I call ESP-N (I mean ESP..hahaha.) I know what she is thinking and she knows what I am thinking. I know when she is going to call me and she knows when to think about me to make me call her. But, any way, Im getting off track here. I miss my grandfather he was the greatest man, and he was loved by so many. The fact that I lost him to this terrible undicriminating disease is what drives me to write about this young boy. The boy's name is Julian. He is very ill, and his parents a raking up a tremendous hospital bill. Let me share with you a little bit of what happened on Michelle's blog. One day Michelle, Julian's mother was making cheesy eggs for her children when some cheese fell off the eggs and on to the pan. The cheese formed a cross. Michelle said in her blog that she saw the cross at about the same moment she was going to lose her sanity. Something about her children driving her crazy, I cant relate, my children are saints. hahaha. So she wrote a post about this, then some one who read her blog suggested she put it on EBAY. So she did. She said she is going to put all the money that she raises towards her son's hospital bills. So far she has raised about 200 dollars, but any one who knows hospitals and hospital bills should also know that 200 dollars wont even cover 1 tylenol capsul. Well, maybe I'm exagerating a bit, but you get the idea. So, If you or any one you know wants to help Julian and his family, go to her website at this link, you can see pictures of the cheese and you can read the entire post your self. You can can also place a bid for the cheese, or you can just go and make a donation at her web page. Dawn also has a link to Michelle's page and she also has a link where you can make a donation. Even though Michelle and I do not know each other, I feel for her. Cancer is horrible. We need to keep educating todays children so that one day they can find a cure for this disease. So that no one has to live life in suffering. So that no more families have to lose loved ones at such young ages. I am praying for her and her son and her family, that they may continue to have faith in God and all that He is. I hope you all go and visit her blog and tell every one you know to visit her and make donations to help them out.
Thank you all for reading.

In Memory of My Beloved Grandfather
Rest In Peace
Carlos Garcia
I love and miss you, we'll see each other again in heaven!


Amanda said...

Hi Melissa,
This story is very sad. I'm gonna head over to Michelle's blog in a minute, but I just wanted to express my sympathy for your loss of your Grandfather. Losing loved ones is extremely tough. I lost my father 3 years ago, although not to cancer, but still in all, everyday I think of him. I will post about Julian on my blog, as well, to help spread the word.

MelissaQ said...

It is extremely hard to lose a loved one for any reason. Im sorry for your loss as well. Thank you Amanda, for all your support.

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