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I wanted to talk about something quite serious today. Life insurance.
I was reading a post yesterday that my good friend Anjelica wrote about writing a will, it was very informative. It got me thinking about how important it really is. I have two daughters and could not imagine them being given to the state because I never stated who I would like to take them in case something terrible or unforeseen were to happen to my husband and I.
Then, this morning I was watching GMA and saw the three year old little girl who survived a terrible plane crash in Canada. It was such a bitter sweet story. There were three passengers in that plane that crashed into the Canadian Rockie Mountains, the little girl, her Grandfather and and his associate. Thankfully and I must say miraculously the small girl was the ONLY survivor. The poor girl was banged up, but because she was in her car seat her life was spared. Her grandfather took the time to strap her in which ended up saving her life. What a wonderful man and a resilient baby. I had no idea that small aircraft like that have no anchors for car seats, but some how he managed to strap her in pretty well.
This got me thinking. What if she had been with both parents and they both died? Of course they didn't die but, What would happen to that poor child? Who would take care of her? How would she survive financially in this world? Again,I started think about my situation. Where would my children go, and how would the person I leave them with support them. In that moment I started looking into life insurance. Many People think that life insurance is only for older people, but I have to tell you, in todays world with road rage running rampant, and other types of violence on the rise, you never really know what could happen. No one thinks that they would be victimized or involved in some type of collision, but it could happen, and it could happen to any one.
I found a web site that gives free life insurance quotes. They also offer other types of insurance which you can find pretty easily on their web site. The type of insurance I looked into is called Whole life insurance it is a type of insurance that provides you with coverage for your entire life. I found out that the Premiums on these do not increase over time and they do not expire and that they build a cash value over time. This is a neat advantage to this type of plan because, if for some reason down the line you are in a pinch and need to borrow some money you can easily borrow from your emergency funds that is part of that particular plan. I'm not sure if I would ever actually borrow from my insurance but it is nice to know that it is there just in case I ever need it. Another great thing about Life Family Plan Premium insurance is, that it never expires for as long as you are making your payments, you are guaranteed to have coverage for the rest of your life. If you look into the Advantage term Life web site you will see that they guarantee that if something were to happen to you, your loved ones will not have to worry about paying funeral arrangements or any other things you left behind like estate taxes. I know this is not what you may want to think about, but look at it this way if you take care of all of this now you wont have to think about it later and you can rest easy. I think everyone who has loved ones should look into this. I know I don't want to leave a ton of bills for my loved ones to worry about paying. It wouldn't be fair to them. I guess you can think of life insurance the same way you think about helping pay the dinner tab. This is the same principle. Most of us don't let the people that we went out to dinner with pay the entire tab, most of us at least pay for what we ate. Why don't you look into paying your own tab by clicking this link. It will take you right to the same website that I used. I hope you all look into it, it could be the best gift you ever give your loved ones.

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