Hi everyone
We are now in a new week. I for one am ready to get started. I have signed up for a few new Pay per posting web sites. I will hopefully have those links up and ready for you all soon. I want to encourage all those of you who have just stumbled into my blog for the first time, to go and check out my archives. There are so many post that I'm quite proud of. Some of the post are award winning on another site that pays you to write, you may be surprised you might even enjoy one or two of them. Today is Monday, and I have been super busy, so I will have a new post for tomorrow. Also to those of you who are new here, check out some of the buttons on my side bar. Those are some of the site I have joined and that have already begun to pay me. I only put buttons on my side bar that I trust. There are so many survey centers and pay for blogging sites that promise to pay you and then they never do. BUT, I can assure you that those that are on my side bars have come through. I am not getting rich by any means but I am getting some pocket change here and there which I love. Being that I have two little girls who want want want. Now I can give give give....Well, to a point, and only if its from the dollar store and if their lucky maybe Wal-mart. I don't want to completely spoil them. Ok so, hope to see all come back & until tomorrow.

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