The kids broke my favorite coffee mug

        Yep, you read that right.
My two youngest kiddos broke my favorite coffee mug this weekend. I was a little sad and tossed it into the garbage without thinking. I didn't think about what my mornings would be like without this fabulous mug, until today!
        Today I made my usual Monday morning pot of coffee. As it was brewing I thought I'd wash the dishes. I don't like doing the dishes by hand that early in the morning, but how else would I get to my favorite mug?  I finally got the last dirty fork  washed and rinsed when I realized that I hadn't seen my mug, so, I went to the living room and looked in two of my favorite spots. The sofa is where I lounge and watch tv, and the side chair where I like to sit by the window to read. The mug wasn't at either spot!
        I racked my brain trying to figure out just where it could be, when all of a sudden it hit me.
Oh the horror as I sat down to compose myself, then I replayed the incident in my head.
My 7 year old wanted to help put my mug in the kitchen, well being the ever competitive duo that she and her 3 year old brother are, they began to struggle to grab the mug out of my hand, and that's when it happened. My mug hit another glass that my daughter was holding and it shattered.
        That was it. That was the last time I got to hold that beautifully made ceramic mug.
It kept me warm many a cold morning, it brightened my day many times. It lived its short 4 year life with me in pure happiness. At the very least, I can say that Senor mug lived a very full life.
May you rest in pieces Senor Mug. I wish I could say I'll find another one as good as this, but I'm sure I wont, but sure will try, after all, I'm still going to need my coffee and every one knows a lady needs her big, hot cup of Joe everyday.

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