Ebola, enough already!

         Well, I know by now you have all heard your share of news on the Ebola virus that has entered the United States.  I'm also pretty sure that many of you feel the way I do when I say...How the heck could this have been allowed to happen? I live in a suburb just outside of Dallas.
The fear we all felt and some still feel in the North Texas area is REAL! 
           Yeah sure, we've all been told all the ways you can NOT catch the virus, but then we see infected nurses fly on airplanes or infected doctors decided that even though they feel a little sick and have been around Ebola carrying people, that its perfectly ok to go bowling the night before they check into the hospital.  And well, there's nothing to worry about, but wait, entire buildings are being quarantined, entire flight lists are being searched for and being watched.
          Look, I'm not an alarmist actually, my fear is not really even the disease itself, it's the miscommunication and disregard that I've been noticing from the healthcare workers and government entities.  We just need a set of rules that will keep all who work with Ebola patients under some kind of blanket of rules and restrictions that THEY MUST FOLLOW! Oh, it's great that they want to save the world, one Ebola patient at a time, but what's not good, is that all these health care workers are taking their knowledge and health for granted and that they couldn't possibly be posing a risk to the general public. Well, how about this, DON'T take that chance with us. You put your own health at risk, that's fine, that's your choice, but I didn't chose to save the world and cure Ebola! I don't want you to expose me or my children, or anyone in my family.  How do we know that you didn't poke your nose or rub your eye before you grabbed that bowling ball or door knob?
            Just stay home, if you end up being cleared and healthy, then great, join us as we fly to and from Dallas. Join us as we take our kids out to bowling alleys, OTHERWISE, stay AWAY.
I think its safe to bet that I speak for the general public when I say that we would rather be safe than sorry!

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