When you hate your neighbors

Yep, I said it! I HATE my neighbors, and I'm not talking about just one, I'm talking about 98% of the households that surround mine.
             It's ridiculous. They are our worst nightmare! One of the couples is an oversharing pair of adulterers, parking space taking bunch of alley beer drinkers!
Another couple are possibly the neediest people I know. They always ask for help, either moving furniture, or help dog sitting, or cat sitting. I finally said NO!
            Another couple we have to listen to is an Asian couple who seem to have no problem fighting in public, and I'm talking fist to face not just yelling and arguing. They whip their teenaged kids where ever they misbehave...like the alley. We have neighbors that live across the street from us who have about 6 adults living in one home. Needless to say, they like to take our parking spots as well.
           I absolutely hate this neighborhood. I wish more than anything that we could move to a home with a great piece of land where we can park our food truck and not worry about our parking spot, or our Home Owners Association.  Wait, I didn't mention how much I hate our HOA? Oh. Well, yes, yes I hate our HOA!
           We pay quarterly fees to an HOA, just to drive around our neighborhood and see rotting fences, abandoned foreclosures, lawns that need so much maintenance that the lawn company who would contract that home would become rich!

I wish we could move, its just not possible right now, but, I'm not giving up hope!
Ugh, and that was my Monday morning vent!

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