Taking surveys to make extra money

It's been a while since I've posted about my adventures in survey taking.
There are so many great survey site and there are a few junk sites. I've had my run in with both types.
I'm glad to say that I've slowly weeded out the worthless survey sites and have been working hard with just a small handful of survey sites.

Some people think that survey sites are a scam. Well, they aren't. what they are is very selective.
Think about it this way, survey sites are sending out surveys to people who will make a difference in the marketplace. Business 101 tells you that companies do lots of research before they market their products to the general public. So what does this tell you? It tells me that companies are looking for people who will spend money. It's really that simple. So what kind of people spend the most money?

Well, in my experience, parents of young children seem to be the target demographic for many companies. They want to sell us their newest toys for Christmas, for children's birthdays, and for any other special occasion you can come up with. And its not just toys, it can be clothing, greeting card and even websites.

You sit back and think about that for a moment. Do you fall into a purchasing bracket in any of those categories?  If so, I have one of my favorite survey sites for any resident of the United States.
Click the link to get started. Give it a try, its free to sign up and it's free to participate, which any reputable survey site should be. YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER PAY to take ANY kind of survey. Remember, these companies need your opinion, you don't need them!

Click this link

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