Don't mess with me City man!

I'm mostly happy at the turn out in Wylie today. There is one person I wish wouldn't have come out to see me...the City employee who organized the event. The same guy who asked us to rack up a tab for food at another Wylie event this past July and never payed. The same guy who received an email and invoice and decided to ignore it. 

(Maybe he thought because I was nice to him early this morning, that I forgot, but I didn't.) The same guy who threw a huge fit today in front of our Paying customers when he came to my window, asked to start another tab, and when I told him I wasn't going to do that since he nor the city ever payed what he/ they OWE us. Yes. 

A GROWN man, a city of Wylie employee, threw a very loud and very embarrassing fit in front of my trailer. Such a fit, that customers who witnessed it later asked me if everything was ok and if I was ok. Of course I was. I've had to deal with some characters in my time with La Rosita BUT, I have never had to deal with such an irate human being in front of customers.

 I just Thank God for helping me hold my tongue and my composure the way I did, because it was not a pretty site and had the potential to have gotten a lot worse had he caught me in another setting. 

He tried and tried to bully me.....with no success. He didn't realize that behind this smile that he initially received with his antics, is a strong woman, a business woman who will not be intimidated by anyone, let alone a man. A woman who isn't impressed by anyone's social status or job title and no matter what he thought he was trying to prove today, he was still shut down and put in his sorry little place.

Sorry. Rant over

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