Do you want to win? Enter this raffle for your chance at $75 worth of goods!

 Recently, My sweet cousin Gisela, who is also a huge fan of a certain couponing facebook page, started couponing. And let me tell you, She is amazing at it!! She has racked up so much loot that she is running out of room in her closet and pantry.

She started a couponing page to help out women in my old neighborhood. Her goal is to help and teach many of these women who come from very low income families to save when they shop.
She has been doing it for a few months now and was getting quite a few request for her to start a facebook page so that her information would be easy for them to access.

Now that she has her page and her abundance of loot, she is thinking about starting off a good 'ole fashioned raffle. The raffle item will be a basket full of loot (home goods, make up and some toiletries). The raffle entry will be just $1 per entry, up to $5 for 7 entries.

All one has to do is like her page and follow the instructions that she posts. The money she raises will help her earn money and hopefully help her build smaller baskets to give away to needy families in her town.

Please go find her page and like it on facebook. Find it at this link


I also hope you all take a chance and enter for your chance to win. I'll post the winner here!
Good Luck!

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