A Coupon queen and coupon wins!

Coupons! Some people love them, and some people love to hate them. When I first started trying my hand at coupons, I was doing awful ok. Seriously, I had my ups and downs. By the time I finally gave up on couponing, I had felt defeated. I wanted so badly to contribute to my family, financially, and since I'm a stay at home mom, saving our family money was and is important.  Having a budget and understanding that as the primary shopper, it is my duty to spend wisely.

Now when I gave up coupons, I didn't give up looking for bargains.  I also shop at  places like Walmart and Target to get the best deals.  I would buy name brand from
Time to time, but more often than not, I bought store brand items. Many people are afraid to buy store brand food items.  Let me tell you, they are nothing to be afraid of. They are just as good and many times taste identical to the name brand. In fact, many store brands are manufactured by the name brand company, only the label is different.

There are some things I will NOT buy store brand, and that's Cheese and breads.  I figure with the money I save on other store brand items , I can afford to spend a few cents more on  name brand cheese and bread.

Lately though, I've started trying my hand at saving with coupons.  Let me tell you, it's been awesome!  And best of all there are so many ways to save on groceries, especially if you have a smart phone.

I'll list some of the ways to save here and a a special facebook page where my niece is the newest couponing queen on the block. She's really scoring big with her savings and now she's helping others do it as well. She's actually the one who inspired me to et back to couponing.

The list of saving site goes as follows;
You have the Walmart savings catcher. It's a web link that you sign into for FREE, no smartphone needed and enter the receipt number at the bottom of your receipt, and then Walmart does the rest of the work. They check your purchases and check their data bass of your surrounding stores, they then  give you the difference of any product that is selling for less at nearby stores. Saving you those extra driving miles , as you go from store to store trying to save that dollar.

The next one I enjoy is the Target Cartwheel app. Now this one you must  have a smart phone to use.
Download their app and start exploring the savings that are listed very nicely in the app. You can find savings  on almost anything in the store. Savings are anywhere from 5%~ 50%!  And if you go to customer service and get a target red card, that can be linked to your checking account with no hidden fees, and best of all you can save an additional 5% on all purchases. To make shopping at Target while using the cartwheel app more interesting, you can stack paper and mobile coupons on top of what you are already saving to get triple the savings!

Let's say, you see cereal on sale on the cartwheel for 5% off, then you add your (paper) manufacture coupon for $1 off, then you add an online coupon for another $1 off, your potential savings can be unbelievable! You could potentially leave that store paying only a few cents or better yet, nothing at all! It will take a small amount of prep work and a tiny bit of planning, but if it means getting a box or two of cereal for .50 cents or less, then I'm all for it!

Next, you have to check out the ibotta app. It shows you certain products available for discounted purchase at stores in your area. You chose the products you want to purchase in your next shopping trip, you unlock the discount by answering one trivia question, or reading one fact about that product or something related to that product. Then you go shopping, you make sure you purchase the goods you clicked on, then take your reciept home, scan it with your phone through the app, and submit it for approval. Once aproved,  you will accumulate savings and once you accumulate a certain amount of money you can cash out! 
It's that easy! 

There's so much more to write as say about these fabulous ways to save, but it's midnight and I need my beauty sleep, and typing all of this from my smartphone, may not have been the smartest choice on my part. So please excuse any typos. I had a lot to say, and only a tiny screen on which to write it all. 

By the way please Find her facebook page at 

Thank you all!! 
Look for more post about the money I've been making in surveys lately! 
I just got paid $60 to paypal from a certain site! Seriously though, I'll have to save that for next time. 

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