What a fiesty kid I have

I'd like to meet the person that coined the phrase "Terrible two's" because I'd like to as them where they ever got the idea that the twos were terrible. My toddler is three and I have to say that by far, the three's are a pain in the ass!

He is so smart, he asks so many questions, he's always ready to answer any of your questions. He's charismatic, he's beautiful, he's perfect but, he is definitely a pain in my ass. HAHA. No but seriously, he is so smart that he knows just what to say to contradict anything I've told him. He loves to argue his point. He argues so much that we cant help but laugh at his crazy little remarks. We know that one day he will be an amazing attorney.

God, I love my little boy!

I know others who have lost their children prematurely. Some have lost their children to cancer, some to premature birth, some to miscarriages, and some to terrible accidents. Two women I know had the unfortunate and very heart breaking opportunity to give birth to a still born baby, then have to put on a smile for their other children as they buried the baby they carried in their womb for nine months.

I on the other hand was able to bring all three of my children home, and for this I thank God every day. I dare not take for granted the gift God has given me each time. I will just keep answering my sons never ending questions, I will try my hardest not to get angry when he responds in defiance. I will continue to hold back my laughter when he says a curse word that he undoubtedly learned from me.

I will love him and every fiber in his little being until the day I die and into eternity.
My children, are my life, their beauty and their flaws.

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