Translating Rosetta style

         In my food truck we offer many different meals but they all have one thing in common, they are all Mexican dishes. Even though we our target customer base is the American consumer, from time to time we do get a nice amount of Hispanic customers. Many times the predominant language our Hispanic customers speak is Spanish. This got us to thinking; we think that we may need a bi-lingual menu.

         We like to keep all of our customers happy and we like to make their visit to our food truck as pleasant as possible, and if it means translating their food options, then that's what we aim to do. Thinking about accommodating all of our customers got me to thinking about other companies and how they approach translating their menus or information for their consumers. So I did what anyone who is awake in the middle of the night would do; I started surfing...the web.

       As I was surfing, I ran into a great website that offers translating services for all types of businesses. Rosetta Translation for worldwide translation services could be one of the most helpful web pages I have run into yet. Rosetta Professional Translation services offers translation in many different languages; from Arabic, Bulgarian, Japanese, to Swedish and Thai. They also offer business contract translation, Braille translation, Medical Translation, Engineering translation, and Technical translation just to name a few.

After looking through their very informative website, I couldn't imagine how any company wouldn't use Rosettatranslation.com as their translation service agency. I highly recommend that business owners look into this website. As diverse as the business world is, having your company communicating properly and efficiently with the rest of  world is a must!

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