The End is NEAR

It's true! The end IS near. The end of another school year that is. My freshman will be a sophomore this coming school year, my 1st grader will be in college 2nd grade next year and my baby boy, well, he'll be home with me again. He does go to preschool twice a week, but for the most part it's just he and I.... just him and me...just me and him...

Have I ever mentioned that he is our last baby? Well, he is, so its sinking in that my stay at home days are numbered. This coming year I am going to spruce up my resume and hopefully get my self together to reenter the workforce in the next couple of years. 

I say that but, I'm secretly hoping that my food truck becomes a full time gig so that I don't have to work for some one else. I love the freedom that our weekend gig provides, but, its hard not having weekends open for birthday parties and the like.

hey, but I'm not complaining. I'm just venting. For now the resume sprucing will be on hold, because...well...because it's summer vacation time!!

((((kids! Get your flip flops on, we're going to the pool!!)))

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