What I hate the most about going back to school

Excuse me a moment while I step up onto my soap box and go on a quick rant.

There is only one thing I hate more than anything in the world, and that is, all the sick germy kids who get sent to school and then in turn infect my healthy kiddos. Aaaaand then they come home and infect me...BLAH

Come on people. I know times are tough and missing a day or two of work is the difference between making a payment or not. Look, I know. I have been there, BUT, the thing you don't think of, and I'm sure you don't have time to think of is......

THE REST OF US. Have you ever thought that maybe, my kids cant get sick because they will spread it to our baby boy who is to small to tell us what hurts. Or how about my hubby, the only paycheck earner in our home right now.  Well, frankly, if he misses work his paycheck will be affected, and then maybe some of our bills cant get paid. I'm just saying. The rest of the world is affected by your choice to send your sick kid to school. I think its pretty simple though, your kid, your germs, your problem. Please don't send your kids to school if they are sick, you are not the only one who can not afford to miss work or go to the doctor and rack up new doctor bills.

Seriously, I think its simply common courtesy to think how your decisions affects others, and your kids being sick and still going to school to get other poor little kids sick is a decision that affects us all.

OK, off of my soap box now, or should I say my tissue box, its also time for my next dose of meds because yes, two of my kids and I are sick and its only the third week of school...blah

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