These long days with an empty Costco box

Well, now the kids are in school. Actually two of my kids are in school, one of them, the youngest, the boy, the crazy little tornado, is at home with me and only me. 

I love this little guy, but man o man, he is a hand FULL! I am not a pro at raising boys, so everyday I wonder if the things he does are normal, since it looks like I have a future linebacker on my hands. He definitely is rough and tumble and this means that my stamina needs to be up and my imagination needs to be wide awake. 

So what do I do. I have tons of barbie playing experience. I have lots of dress up and make up experience as well, but, although I would not freak out if my boy wanted to play with barbies or his sisters dresses, he has no interest in that stuff. Go figure.  And believe me, he has all access to big sis's room, but he could care less.
I have been searching online for ideas on how to keep my little man busy, entertained and most of all happy. After all the research, I made my own discovery. It was only after I emptied the huge Costco box of diapers.

I laid the box on the floor next to the trash can and was ready to toss it in the recycle bin, but when I went to grab it he was in it pretending it was a car, so I let him play. It gave me a few minutes to wash the dishes, that I still do by hand (much to my friends amusement.)  When I looked up again, he was using it as a wheel barrel of sorts, so I let him play, more free minutes to get online and check emails. When I looked up again, he had it upside down and was using it as a hot wheels car track, so I let him play. Soon it was time for my 5 year old to get home and we had to leave the box behind, and needless to say he was not happy.

When we got home his big sister noticed his new toy and had a great idea on how to make the box even better. So we cut the flaps off and I cut a door in it, then cut a couple of windows. So, now he has a tiny little house with a tiny little door and even tinier windows and he couldn't be happier.

All this from a simple box.  So here's to you box inventor guy, you have helped me snag a few minutes of free time and as all moms know any amount of minutes of free time are priceless.

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