Bedford BBQ and Blues fest now has TACOS!

So its been a while, a long busy while. Getting the kids ready for back to school and on top of that we have been prepping for this huge event in Bedford Texas this Labor day weekend.

Its said to be a huge event with lots of entertainment for the entire family. Carnival rides, live music and best of all, yummy food.  There will be tons of BBQ of course but this year MY VERY OWN food truck will be at the event and we don't have BBQ, we have TACOS!

So hows that for a little Latin flavor to an otherwise very American and barbequey event. 

We had a surge of fb page like the other day and that was the best. I hope we can continue generating new followers so, if you don't mind, pass along our face book page address.  http://facebook.com/larositatacos

With all the yummy looking pictures you will be glad you liked us, or you may find yourself hungry and craving Mexican food. Either way its a good situation...unless you don't live near any Mexican food, that may be a problem.

Thanks again and I hope to post pics of the event soon.

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