wow, booty shorts and skinny jeans!

Wow, has it really been two weeks since my last post?
Sheesh. I had told myself that I would not neglect the blog any longer, yet still, I do. For shame.

I don't have to tell you that school is just around the corner and that is why I have not had one minute to sit and type on my special little venting spot.

My days have been consumed with cleaning out closets, getting the girls to try on all of their school clothes from last year, separating the keeps and the gives, and then shopping and more shopping.

School supplies, school clothes (wish mine HAD to wear uniforms, more about that in a bit), school shoes. Back backs, lunch boxes (to use or not to use).  In between all of this, I must still entertain the kids a little bit, so off to play dates we go. Swimming, indoor tunnel places, splash parks, and any other places I can take my kids to cool off in this Texas summer heat. I'm not complain though. I love me some summer time sunshine and that all the trees and flowers are in bloom. Look, I hate Fall and the deadness of Winter its too depressing for me.

Anywho, back to the CLOTHES issue. I am crazy peeved. I went to 5, count the FIVE freaking stores in our town for school clothes shopping. You think with all of the hours invested in those two shopping days that I would have scored major on the loot, but NOPE. Not one freaking pair of pants was to be had. Ok, there were plenty of pants, if your into having your 5 year old and 13 year old wear SKINNY JEANS. GROSS! There is nothing I hate more that skinny jeans. Those pants are so unsightly on kids, and disturbing at that.  Wait! There is something more disturbing than skinny jeans!

You know, the kind girls are wearing (IN PUBLIC no less) that show the bottom of their butt cheeks. Yes, parents allow this, not sure what parents are thinking, but, they do in fact allow this. Seriously folks, it's pretty darn disturbing, watching a 13 year old-ish girl as she walks right in front of my husband, my kids and I, while her ass is literally coming out of her shorts. NOT COOL MOMS! NOT COOL! Its pretty close to public indecency and it should be a crime for parents to allow any CHILD under the age of 18 to wear such disturbing non-butt-cheek covering attire.

Just saying. My husband felt so uneasy about the mini street walker, young girl in booty shorts,  that he just turned and walked in an entirely different direction, it was extremely awkward for all of us, but more so for him. So much so that he didn't realize that he walked right into the maternity wear. Uhm Hubby, we are looking for the toddler section, not the making of, toddlers, section. Anyway, no, its not a laughing matter, the short shorts are appalling!  I hope parents start to think about this freedom they have given their young girls and then think about the grown men who are now willing or unwilling voyeurs of your child's ASS!

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