Food truckin with a new employee on board!

Well, its been a while. So much has happened since my last post. So much, that I just didn't have the energy or drive to even write a post.

Like in many businesses, trouble with co-workers is happening, happened or bound to happen.
Well, my small business or mini restaurant, LaRosita (by the way please find us and like us on facebook at larositatacos), as I lovingly call it, has suffered some trouble. We had a falling out with a very important person to our food truck and were almost ready to call it quits.

I had no idea how we would run our food truck with out him. I have three kids, one is only a year and a half old and very much a mamas boy, and I just cant be in the truck all those hours away from my kids. Not yet anyway.

But after much thought, I just couldn't close the doors to my food truck. I just knew there had to be a way to get through this and not give up. The food truck is doing great, why would we close it down? Other businesses don't close down when an employee quits or is let go, why should we. NO, we shouldn't and we didn't.

So, needless to say, my husband and I decided that we would not, will not give in but rather move forward with our dream.  So we did what any other business would do, we hired an employee, and although I really and truly wanted to keep this business strictly family owned and operated; we just HAD to hire some one outside the family.

Man o Man , I cant tell you enough how that was our best move ever!
The guy is a co-worker of my husbands and told us that he has previous fast food experience. I'll admit, after being let down by some one so close to my heart, I couldn't really trust that this guy would come through. Why would a non- family member help us? Other than the rare mention of him and other work related drama that my husband would bring up at the dinner table, he's practically a stranger to me. Look, growing up I was always told that family is the strongest bond, and that family would always be there for me in time of need. I was also told to beware of strangers, because strangers couldnt possibly have any good intention in their heart. Strangers are only out to get you, not help you. How wrong was that!

But, I'm telling you, he was not joking when he said he could handle anything we threw at him. This guy was on top of his game. He ran the prep line like no ones business and made a pretty intense and busy job, look like a piece of cake.  The event we catered this past Saturday was a huge success, and I cant thank our new employee enough! Uhm, yes I can, I cut him a nice little check, he smiled greatfully at his earnings and happily agreed to work with us from now on, with one catch, he asked if he could eat our food again at the next festival. How could we refuse such a request? We didnt and he will.

I cant tell you how happy I am with this change and although it was pretty hard and sad getting to this point, it was an important move that had to be made. 

And so goes the adventures in my little rose aka La Rosita. She will not falter in the face of adversity, rather, rise beautifully above it all, even stronger than before.

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