Fajitas and Corn and another night in my food truck!

Well, were off to another event full of awesomely crazy customers.
I'm telling you, other than cooking in my food truck, people watching is the.most.fun. thing to do in our truck.

We are at a country music concert in Lewisville, TX and its pretty packed despite the scatterd rain. But what is a little rain on a warm night in Texas, to some hard core Country music fans?

Our newest crew member is on his second day with us and is once again proving to be a PRO!
I have to admit that this guy has brought new life into our truck. His enthusiasm is infective.
He is happy and proud to be working for us and we are happy and proud to have him on board.

I cant say enough about this guy, whom I so badly want to call kid, since he is quite a bit younger than my husband and I, but I digress. He came in to our truck and fit in like a glove and if my husband and I weren't sure about keeping him as an employee before, we are now!

So, as hear the fajitas sizzle and smell the aroma of fresh made flour tortillas hitting the griddle, I  watch as my husband runs the window with enormous pride of ownership. I also cant help but glance at the kid guy, as he hustles to get the order just right, and he does every time. I realize that he always does this with a smile, a contagious smile might I add; a smile that has now come over my face, that also is full of pride and joy.  And now I end this quick post with these few words, and I'm afraid, a few cliches as well.

 If you have a dream, don't be afraid to go for it. You have to try and once you do, don't ever, ever ever let anyone bring you down. Try as they may, it is your dream, fight for it and then one night you may be able to sit back and enjoy watching your dream come to life.
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