Alright Private school girl! School is almost here!

Yep, unless you home school or live under a rock (no offense to home schoolers) school is just around the corner. I am not thrilled. I am excited that the kids will get time apart and not fight as much BUT, I'm not ready to get up in the wee hours of the morning and get back into my  drill Sergeant routine (with out the bugle of course.)

Eeeeeverrree budeee HUP! Come on come now, get in that bathroom, get those teeth clean, get those clothes on, get that hair done, alright make that bed, get moving come on come on, eat your chow, hup hup hup, lets go lets go, get that back pack, move it move it, get in the car, lets go! Get out get out..march march, LOVE YOU! BYE!

That was just a preview of how our mornings start...kinda. (I'm not usually thaaaaaat mean)

Totally not looking forward to the shopping either. Oh my, the thought of it just makes me cringe, not so much the spending part, but the crowded stores, and the rudeness of people, and the picky daughters I have..

Ok, I think I have done it now. I can't write anymore, I'm going to have to take a breather and try to gather my self. I'll try to post again tomorrow. And that time, no school talk.

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