We're thinking about summer Vacation are you?

So lately, we have been trying to plan our summer vacation and I'm sure you know this but in our great United states there are so many options.  The one thing I know for sure is that my family and I want to go somewhere where its not as hot as it is here in Texas. Yeah, sure, we love our state, but we could use a break from this July heat.

So, I know we want to eventually go to a beach. That rules out the entire mid section of the U.S.
I know we don't want to go to Florida or California and become shark bait, so there go the West and East coast beaches. I know we want to be close to big city attractions. That rules out the Texas coast.  That only leaves us the North East.

I started looking online and found a great website advertising Central New Jersey.  Look,  I have always been intrigued by New Jersey.  I think it started with the whole Soprano's TV series, the one that my husband and I love and are still huge fans of. Not to mention other certain TV shows about Jersey that have caught our attention in these past couple of years.  So anyway, I digress, back to the vacation.

I was looking at this web site about new jersey, and I am excited. I have always heard such great things about New York and New Jersey. There is so much to do there. You don't even have to visit coastal New Jersey, Central NJ has tons to do.  I saw some really awesome looking kid friendly places to visit. I saw a beautiful venue where outdoor concerts are held, I mean it rivals any amphitheatre I have ever seen.  And then of course there is the night life and the dinning!

You can NOT go to Jersey and not think about all the amazing foods that they have to offer. I mean just think, that area is one of the first places that people from all over the world settle when they come to America, and what better way to get to know other cultures than through their food. And if you know me, then you know I have a food truck, and you also must know I'm all about food.  YUMMM.

So anyway, this is what I'm leaning towards, and these are my requirements in the perfect vaca; somewhere new, somewhere different, somewhere exciting. Central New Jersey definitely fits all of my requirements in a great vacation.

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