Oh no, puppy love and heart ache all at once!

So, we found a puppy at the spray park yesterday and she literally followed us home. I told the kids not to get too attached that the owners may be looking for her. I told them that if no one claims her in a couple of weeks that they could have her. I thought they got it.

Well today there is TOTAL DEVASTATION in our house right now!! Lots and lots of tears and why's... Yep, a sign is up and she is missed. The good thing is there is a reward and she seems to have been taken from a high dollar neighborhood. But damn it,  I knew better, I almost wish I would have left her on the street, it would have been easier on my kids!!  Yeah so the poor Yorkie would have probably been dognapped by a not so upstanding citizen like myself, and would have said F that sign, finders keepers.

But seriously, even I fell in love with the dog and honestly was hoping no one would miss her. I hate that I have to give this dog back, they are so heart broken, and it was only 24 hours. I think it may be time to get our very own puppy to love. BLAH! No happy kids mean no happy mama. :O(

The good hearted always get hurt.

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