Just a typical 4th of July! And no food truck fun for us.

WOW! No events for us this weekend. We just get to sit back and relax with the kids, this weekend. I use the work relax loosely and relatively to our usual stressful work days. We took the kids to the neighborhood park and got to watch a spectacular fire work show. It was the best. Actually I love our town. it has the best of everything.

Seriously, I'm not bragging, OK, maybe I am. But if you looked at the stats you would see that everything I am saying has been documented by the city to be true and factual.
The best schools the best, parks and the best firework shows. You know what the best part of the firework show is...its the fact that its about 5 minutes away from our house, and even with all the traffic it took us about 15 minutes to get home, not bad considering last year we drove 30 minutes to the city of Dallas and watched a 20 minute firework show and then waited in traffic for ONE HOUR!

Well, needless to say, NEVER again will I take my small town and their 30 minute firework show, which by the way had a live band playing for 2 hours before the actual show started, for granted.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday week and weekend!

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