Hey you, you wanna check out the pics on my sides

NO! I'm not trying to be naughty.  I just wanted to get your attention like thouse nuaghty spam emails we all get. I mean, they must work on some one, I see them daily, if not hourly.

I really do have some new things for you all to check out. I have recently added some cool stuff to my side bar.

One of them is a baby picture contest, and don't you know I'm so entering my little boy. I'm not a stage mom, and I don't plan on getting rich and famous off of my kid but, I am super competitive and I just want to beat every one else who thinks their kid is cuter than mine.. buaahahaha! (Now be honest, did you do the evil laugh out loud or in your head?) (I'll be honest, I had to do it out loud just to know how to spell it..)

But seriously,
I have a great new button on my left side bar that I hope you get a chance to look at it. Its brand new to my blog and it has a few opportunities that I think you may like. I hope you do. So go check it out, and check out the other buttons on my side bar as well. I make a little bit of money off of some of them.
And I'll be 100% honest with you, none of them have made me filthy rich,not even a tiny bit rich, but I have made a few bucks here and there and have been able to buy me some of that awesome and very tasty gourmet coffee from that very famous place that we all know and hear about every day, but whom I will not name since they do not pay me for advertising, and I wont give in and give them free advertising, because I'm positive that this little ole blog, that sits here among the millions of other blogs in the vast blog universe has that much impact on a corporate giant like Starbucks... that fancy cup of Joe place, and they could totally just pay me. Money would be good, but coffee, unlimited coffee would be even better.  (whew... that was a mouthful with no commas.)

Wait, I'm getting off topic again. Sorry, I digress.
Anywho, I'm exhausted, the kids and hubs are asleep and I am here pleading to you, my loyal readers to check out the side bar. Check out some of those offers. And just so you know, I never pay to join anything and neither should you. ALL of these are free to join, no weird catches, but with a little work on your part (like filling out a survey or two, that are also very secure and private) you too can make a few extra coffee bucks. 

Thanks in advance and please spread the word about my blog and my food truck face book page. Yep, I do that too. Now as for the food truck, I do think that one day it will make me rich, it hasn't yet, but it will. I mean, who doesnt like Mexican food? Never mind, dont answer that. But please find us and like us and tell your friends about us too.
Thanks in advance!

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