South Fork Ranch in Dallas

Well, its been a crazy busy week. I had lots of shopping for what turned out to be our biggest event so far.

We prepped with 100 pounds of beef fajitas 1000 home made flour tortillas, that we have special order and about 50 pounds of assorted veggies for my home made salsa (yes, I make it, and I make it by the gallon for events like these.)

It was the KLTY Freedom Festival at South Fork ranch, here in Dallas, TX.
They expected 100,000 people and from what I saw today, I totally believe them.

Our food truck had a line NON-STOP from 12pm until I left the crew at 9:45.
The line at 9pm was smaller but it was still there. 
We are so excited. I am actually so exhausted that I cant put my words together. It is 1am after all.

Check out the pics, they say a million more words than I can even muster at this very sleepy moment! The sheer excitement is the only thing that is keeping me up long enough to share these pictures.
Please remember to find us and LIKE us on facebook. Its facebook.com/larositatacos
We finnally hit over 80, and cant wait to get to 100. So what do you say, help us out and spread the word.

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