What did he just say?

So, as you may know, or maybe not know, I have three kids. They are all sweet, cute and just down right adorable, but, as much as they are all of that they are hooligans! They fight, jump on the furniture, throw balls indoors, and believe it or not CURSE! Yep, I said it They CURSE, they use profanity. Well, I should be fair, only one uses profanity and you would never guess in a million years who it was.

My one and a half year old is officially a sailor, since he curses like one now. 
We were all sitting in the yard throwing balls around and watching him toddle after them. It was the cutes thing too. He would bring it back with great pride. As he ran for each tennis ball, he would look up at me and his sisters and make sure we were all watching him with approving faces.

Of course my family and I think that our baby boy is the only baby on the face of the earth that could look so cute running to catch a ball.  Since I have not seen your child do this, I will just assume that yours child is quite adorable, just not as much as mine. haha

Anyway, so, as we threw the ball and he retrieved it with his manly little baby hands, he dropped one on his shoeless foot, and in that same instant, we heard it as clear as the day was beautiful....SHHHHIT!

What did he just say I asked my 13 yr old daughter.  My 5 year old just bowled over in hysterical laughter. She knew exactly what he said. "Momma" she says,"he just said a bad word!" I said "Oh yeah, what did he say?" She didn't hesitate to respond with a loud and firm, "he said SHIT!" Mind you, he only knows about 7-8 words, guessing now, its 7-9 words.

I gasped, trying to hold my laughter  in, and said to her in my serious mommy voice, "well, that was just such a bad thing to say, and you better not ever repeat that word, you hear me?"  She sheepishly responded, with a not so confident "yes mama". I looked at the 13 year old and even she was holding in the insane laughter inside of her. So to make sure they all know that I do not condone children cursing, I looked at my big girl and told her the same thing, "never repeat that you hear me?"

So, I did as the magazines say and did not acknowledge the cursing baby, so as to not encourage him to continue to say it. I think it worked because he didn't say it again. I was rather happy that some advice I got from a children's magazine actually worked.

After all the hoopla I has to straighten up the days mess, So, I began straightening up the house, toys are every where, dishes are the dirtiest so I decided to start there. As I begin washing dishes I get the sponge all soapy and sudsy, and grab the glass closets to my left hand, when all of a sudden I drop it in the sink and it shatters in about 30 pieces, and then it happens, I hear it, loud and clear, as if that sailor/ potty mouth baby was standing right next to me....


What, wait, did I just say that? I look around and both of my daughters are staring right at me, with a certain look on their faces... a look of "yep, your busted, you just said it. "  Ugh, Well, I guess I know where my sailor boy gets his colorful language..his sailor mama.

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