Monday madness after a food truck weekend

Well the day has just begun and as usual I am running around ragged. Glad I got a chance to relax yesterday since it was Mothers day and all.  The family came over & The hubby cooked. I got a HUGE rib eye steak (been wanting one all year) I got a wonderful cheesecake, but seriously the best dessert I had yesterday was made by my sweet 5 year old daughter. She and my brothers girlfriend made some no bake cookies that were just awesome.  I don't know what they are called officially but they are so simple, just a little peanut butter sandwiched in two Ritz crackers then covered and smothered in melted chocolate almond bark. Yumm-O

So this past Saturday we were in the small town of Paris Texas, in far north Texas. It took almost 2 hours to get there from our small town.  So, they get the truck situated and ready to run when they pop open the window just to see the Eiffel tower just a few yards away.

If you look at the very top you will notice there is a cowboy hat. How cool is that. Not sure the French would like this replica defaced with a cowboy hat, but hey, that's just how we do it here in Texas.

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