A weekend in Paris, and a food truck to boot.

Well, Its Friday, I have a few minutes before I absolutely have to start cooking (salsa). I have been trying to catch up with all my house work and online work this morning. I had no idea when we bought the food truck that it would be such hard work.

Getting the gigs are one thing. But, its not just about getting the gig. We  I have to apply for all the local permits, and let me tell you, each city and county in the state of Texas has its own health code regulations, so its not a copy and paste sort of thing.  Then we I have to do all the purchasing. I'm talking about 100 pound of chopped raw meat, pounds and pounds of produce for my salsa and the "taco slaw" that we use.  Then off to the super chain club stores, both of them. For the rest of our goodies.  This year, these type of purchases have been a weekly thing, as opposed to last year when I would go once a month, and sometimes twice a month.

Its not an easy week. Its pretty hectic and lets top all that off with carting around my precious yet impatient 1 year old baby boy. Whew.
Not complaining though.  I have been a stay at home mom for quite a few years now and now I have a job that requires interacting with other adults and leaving the house for extended periods of time.
I guess I'm just thinking of this because lately we have been getting lots of questions from our patrons about how they too can start their own food truck business. I'm guessing its all the food truck craze that's on TV nowadays. Well, its not easy, it wasn't for us. It takes a lot of courage, patience and of course $$$.

So anyway, this weekend we will be taking a trip to Paris. Paris Texas, that is. Every time I say the word Paris, I think about how different it would be and wonder if the People of Paris France would be as welcoming to Mexican food as the great people of all of these Texas cities have been so far.  So, no, we wont be taking our food truck across the ocean, but, we are still just as excited to visit Paris Texas for the first time ever.

If you have time come by and find us on facebook. I have lots of pictures, some of our events, some of our food, and today I am going to try and get a good picture of my salsa. Speaking of which, that salsa has its own following, its own fans. The kind of fans that would be happy just to drink it up on its own. Its made fresh, so although it shouldn't surprise me that people rave about it the way they do, but, it always does. Thanks again and I'll post again soon and let you know how our weekend in Paris went.

https://www.facebook.com/larositatacos - Like us, we need more fans...?why? not really sure, just cause, I guess. lol. Thank you though.

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