This week in our food trcuk adventure

Well, this weekend was busy. Not as busy as last weekend but, hey, busy is busy. I'd rather be a little busy than not busy at all.

This weekend we were in a small town called Celina TX, for their Cinco de Mayo celebration. It was fun to watch all of the Folk dances and it was a great people watching opportunity.  I don't want to say that the people at this event reminded me of the famous "wal-mart-ians" but really, some of them had drank a little too much cervesa aka beer, and basically, they were fun to watch.  I'm just glad that my kids were not there to see some of the crazy things we saw late that night. They don't call it DRINKO de Mayo for nothing.

So this week I'll be prepping our crew for an adventure in Paris. Paris Texas that is. I have to make sure that all that needs to be stocked is, because this town is two hours away, and the option of me being on call to bring more supplies is NOT an option.

I cant even imagine driving two hours to anywhere with these three kids. Well, at least one of them would be impossible and he is only 16 months old so there is no bargaining with him....yet.

Find us and like us on Facebook. We have gotten 72 likes so far. I would so love to get over 100 by the summer.  Look for LaRositatacos. or La Rosita- Mexican Food.

Thanks in advance.

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