Weekend food truck review

So that was a hectic week, so much so that I decided to VEG out this past week, needless to say I neglected my blog. yep, again. Poor blog. It's gonna get a complex. I wonder if it ever has anxiety when I'm not around to fill up his space with fabulous blog post?  Well, I hope not. I have enough of the needy neediness from my kiddos, I just cant handle more neediness. Ask my hubby, I wont even put up with his needy neediness! haha

So, a couple of weekends ago we had another event in a small town in N.Texas. It was cute. They had a great wild west theme. There were horse drawn carriages, a 12 ft. tall Cowboy also known as the man who fell 12 feet onto hiss butt in front of the entire crowd, when a burst of wind knocked him off balance. It was pretty scary. I'll admit though, later that night as I told my husband all about it, I laughed until my eyes teared up. But really it was terrible. My biggest fear is falling in public. Thank goodness he fell right on front of a booth where the local fire department and EMT were set up. Thankfully for him, the poor guy didn't break anything, I think the only thing he hurt was his ego.

There were also bounce houses, a hamster ball, an Easter egg hunt, a food court (were we were stationed of course) and best of all armadillo races. Yep, I said Armadillo.  This IS Texas folks. I see those poor things flattened along our roads quite often. Its pretty sad BUT, those things have got to be the.ugliest. things to ever walk the roads of Texas. I'm pretty positive that they may even be the ugliest things in the world.
Look, I know the world is pretty big, and perhaps there is something else uglier than an armadillo, but I cant think of one right now, so in my book the arma-freakin-dillo is.the.ugliest.creature.ever.

I mean, you try eating LaRosita's fajita nachos while watching these disgusting ( known leprosy carrying creatures) run around in a 4 walled plexi glass enclosure, their long skinny hairless rat like tail dragging motionlessly across the grass while their small feet with rather large clawed toes peek out from under their horrid looking armored shell.  YUCK! & GAG! & GAG & YUCK!
Just look for yourself. I hope your not eating while reading this. Guess I should have warned you before hand.  What? You didn't know they carry leprosy? well then, you must check out this link. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/28/health/28leprosy.html

So, as I end this post I would like to say that this was not intended to be a p.s.a about these disgusting,disease ridden creatures. I guess I just got carried away. But, by all means, if you ever come across an armadillo please don't touch it. And more importantly, if you do, please never ever ever, ever shake my hand. I will literally run away and leave you behind in a cloud of dust, much like the one the road runner leaves for that Wylie E. Coyote, which unlike the armadillo are actually kind of cute.

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