Texas Tornados

Well, here we go again a whirl wind of things going on around me, only this time its not the kids or the cat or my crazy neighbors, not even the excitement of getting my food trailer to another event. No, this time it was actually a whirl of winds, tornado's to be exact.

It was a normal day here in Texas, partly sunny and balmy. the clouds were slowly coming in. The baby and I went for a drive around noon to grab a bite to eat. We were driving away from Taco Casa of all places when I get a call from my neighbor asking if I was watching the news. NO I responded. She was scared I could here It in her voice, so I asked her what was going on she said there are tornado's in Arlington, about 35 minutes away. By that time the sky was getting a little darker, but it was not anything I had not seen before. So I get home tun on the tv to see the destruction. It was bad. Then I heard the weather man say it was headed our way in about an hour.

I decided to go get my girls out of school a little early. I had this weird feeling that if was already that bad only half an hour away, it was possibly going to get worse. Boy was I right. By the time I got my youngest daughter and was off to get my oldest, the skies were darker and the tornado sirens were blaring.

As I drove off with my girls to get them home and hunker down. I turned on the news and watched in disbelief. The tornado's were in fact getting closer. I called my dear friend to warn her, since her smaller town doesn't have sirens. Then I called my husband. NO ANSWER.
I could not get a hold of him. When I finally did, he was in the basement of his work place. I looked at the tv to see where the storms were and as I looked up the weather man said for the town my hubby was in to take shelter now! A tornado was spotted. It was across the freeway from him. Only a mile away.

After it was over, it was coming for us. Luckily for me and the kids, it changed course and didn't hit us. It did hit others in our county. Many houses were destroyed but, THANKS BE TO GOD that no lives were lost.

It was an amazingly scary night. I was alone with the kids and the scardy cat. It was a night when I had to put my mommy britches on and suck up my fears for my kids. Inside though, I was trembling like a small girl. I'll never show my kids this fear, but it was there.

Yesterday the surveyors went out to inspect all the towns that were hit by tornado's. It turns out that the town my husband was in got hit with the biggest storm. An E-F3. Again I am thankful that he is ok. To think he was that close to danger is scary in itself. What would my kids do with out their father? What would I do? Not sure, not sure I want to know. What I do know is that we are all safe now. Today the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky. We really are blessed.
Below are some pictures of the destruction in the town where my husband works. Cant believe this was only about a mile away from him.

Texas State Troopers and Sherrif at guard. No one gets in to the neighborhood with out ID!

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