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A few weeks ago I was online looking around and surfing blogs when I ran into one really cool one.
She had some really interesting post about products that she received as freebies. The catch was that if she received a freebie she had to blog about it. Good or bad she had to be honest and tell all about her experience with said products. I was immediately intrigued. Who doesn't love freebies? Well, I do! So I followed her link and signed up. It was the best sign up I have ever made.  I immediately took a short (ish) survey about my likes and interest which they used to pair me with certain projects. That day I was paired with a COOKING project no less. I was and am excited. You know, I have a food truck and, well, I love cooking! 

So the website I signed up for is called smiley360.com. Use the blue link to find your way to your freebie opportunities. But don't get so excited  that you forget to read the review below. I put lots of time and effort into this I even included pics. Just saying. :O)

So, the first product I received this Friday was the all new Knorr home style stock. I waited until Yesterday (Monday) to cook with the stock, that way we would definitely be home and not running around doing our weekly errands.
I generally cook Mexican dishes for our dinners at home. AND I am not kidding when I say that I use KNORR (bouillon) every week a few times a week. This is my first time using their newest product, the home style stock. It comes in the smallest little plastic containers and there are 4 to a box.
I was surprised at the smallness of the container, but boy o boy did it pack huge flavor.

I decided to make pan seared chicken breast,  and paired it with Knorr scampi noodles in a bag. I actually wasnt sure what to make with the chicken. I knew it had to be something my husband and kids would eat. It was also Monday and Monday is grocery day so as I walked the isle,  I happened to see the bag of  Knorr scampi and it looked so creamy and delish that I had to have it to pair with the stock I received.  My family is not crazy about shrimp so I substituted the shrimp for chicken. But you can totally use shrimp. I have picky kids so that was not an option for me. YUM YUM YUM.

So I pan seared the chicken breast until brown then added the stock. The best thing is that I didn't have to do anything but spoon it out and drop it into the pan of chicken. It was as simple as that. With three kids I couldn't ask for an easier dish to make. It really was very tasty. I added half a cup of water to the pan to create a sauce, and it produced the moisture of  a stock just like the kind you actually worked all day to make, and with this I deglazed the pan. It not only picked up the flavors that the browned chicken breast left behind but it added another dimension of flavor.  It made a sort of gravy that was out of this world.
the finished dish
 the chicken in  Knorr Homestyle stock
Knorr scampi noodles! Yumm
Up close. Can you smell it? Yummmm

Like I said, my kids are picky eaters and they had NO problem gobbling this dish down. The scampi noodles came with its own flavor and was perfect with the chicken. By the way, you   can also find the the bag of packaged Knorr noodles on the pasta and canned food isle in any grocery store. It only took about 25 minutes to make the entire meal, and it was the chicken that took up the majority of the time. Had I used shrimp with this stock it would have been a 15 minute (or less) meal for sure. 
I added pictures so you can see what last nights meal looked like. I hope you enjoy and I hope you give the new Knorr home style stock in your next meal.

*note: I was compensated with a free sample of this product for review by smiley360.com.  If you would like to join this site to be included in such promotions CLICK HERE. No purchase necessary.  

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