Food truck Frenzy

Whoa! This has been a busy week. The kids are off on spring break so I had to figure out fun things for them to do all while making sure that my Food truck LaRosita-Mexican Food (find us and like us on facebook,  you dont have to live in Texas and you dont have to come to any events, I just want more fans so my page can be easily located.) is stocked and ready to go for this weekend.

I had tons of shopping to do. Let me tell ya, it was pretty easy, since my older one could watch the baby while I filled the grocery cart with 100 pounds of beef and chicken fajitas, limes, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. I would have bought cilantro but my cilantro is taking over the garden. It so loves the cooler sunny weather. Once it gets too hot, cilantro starts to bloom flowers and drop seeds. Not quite what I need.

So, the food truck is working this whole weekend in Arlington. Its been a slow go. I even hear that some major food truck players who traveled from Galveston Island are so angry that they plan to sue the event coordinators. I signed a petition to try to get our money back as well. We paid 400 dollars for this event that's including the food. If we don't break even I will definitely want my money back.

Now some people would say, that events are risky. Anything can happen and weather is usually the culprit. This weekend however, the weather is gorgeous and the sun is out, the problem is that the event was not publicized and not very many people know about it. That is one of the other risk, lack of publicity. BUT, again, the problem is that we including many other vendors agreed to pay top dollar for this event because the pictures that they used to lure us to their website and eventually their event were from an event held at the Texas Motor speedway for a NASCAR event! An event in an old shopping center is hardly equivalent to a NASCAR event!

So as my hubby and brother stick it out at the event, I am home with the kids trying to stay positive. Its only 5pm as I write this, people will eventually want to look for something fun to do on a Saturday night and on St. Patricks day to boot. I'm just hoping they chose to go to the Arlington Spring Fest on 1010 Collins in Arlington. Look even our food prices are cheaper than all of the competition around us. That isn't the problem either. Ugh, oh well, so goes the food truck craze. Like they say, you win some you lose some. I hope that by the end of the night we end up WINNING at least a little.

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