Two Birthdays ago and a food truck ready to go

Well, It's that time again. What time you ask. Spring Festival time that is. My food truck, La Rosita Tacos (by the way find and like us on FB) has been sitting and waiting all winter for this weekend to come. Why you ask. My don't you have a lot of questions today. OK, so I'll tell you why. We have take the entire winter off from the food truck. Not because we didn't want to work, but because we didn't have any festivals to attend. Not that Texas winters are unbearable but, what are you gonna do? We didn't have anywhere to go.  The good thing is that this weekend will be our very own season opener and the excitement in our house is through the roof.

And with all of the excitement I had a chance to sit down today to look at a bunch of photos I ordered of my kids birthdays. My big girl turned 13 this year. I will not comment more on that subject since I am prohibited by her highness to even mention her in my blog or facebook or even in day to day conversations. My little girl turned 5 this year, you may have read about her and her antics recently, and my baby boy turned 1 in December you may have also read about his latest adventures recently.

So as I looked at all of the pictures I think back at how fun their birthdays were. One in particular stands out in my mind. That of My 5 year old. She requested a princess party and so a princess party she had. We went out bought the most inexpensive pink party decor and princess cake we could find. I even stayed up late for a week trying to hand make her birthday invitations. After all of that work, they did not come out how I had imagined so, I threw them out in frustration and went to the local mega mart to pick up some simple and not very cute invites. Needless to say, I was ticked off. I wanted everything to be perfect and the invites were not, but, since I was out of time I had to settle.

I recently found this web site that offers so many beautiful invites. And yes, I kicked myself. Why had I not checked online first? I could have had the prettiest invites and saved myself a ton of grief.
Oh well, perhaps next year I will remember to check this blog and the link above to find the help I will definitely need.

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