Nailing all the details before bringing puppy home

Guest post written by Ashley Larkson

Back around Christmas, we first thought about bringing home a puppy for our kids as part of their holiday gifts. But then we started doing research about how much a full-bred puppy can actually cost. Then because of that cost, we ended up not bringing home a puppy for the kids. I was so relieved that we hadn't promised one at that point! Well we've been thinking it over and kind of figured out that adopting a puppy from a shelter might be our best option.

We would adopt an older dog but we want the kids to kind of grow up with the pup, so we're going the young and untrained route. I was browsing puppy adoption listings online a week ago when I saw info about DEBT settlement and decided I should definitely look into it. That's the reason that paying for a full-bred puppy wasn't an option for us.

But we're going to be able to make it work, even on our small budget, because the shelter we're going to adopt from neuters and does a lot of other things for free.

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