Whoa! Its been too long

It's been almost a week since my last post. I can't let myself fall into the
aah-I-dont-really-feel-like-posting rutt. Its not good, I mean I made a commitment to all of my readers and followers....ALL10 of you..lol

Ok, yes that was a little sarcasm, but its Saturday morning and I'm in front of a computer instead of at a salon getting a mani & pedi...ok, yeah, that was a little more sarcasm. I don't do manis and pedi's, (I used to) I have three kids for crying out loud, I have no time.

I'm about to post a guest post above I hope you all get a chance or take a moment to read it.
Thanks in advance, now off to make a cup of coffee and see what my rug rats are up to, its a little quiet around here..... uh oh

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