What to do Sunday?

NOTHING, is the answer.
I did lots of laundry Friday and Saturday. Mostly towels but, you know, slave labor is slave labor.

So today we will do nothing. We are just hanging out. Wait! Whats that smell?
It smells like nailpolish! I quickly count heads. Hubby- on sofa- Check, Baby- asleep on sofa- check (what do you expect from the two males in the house, they share more than the same name), baby girl- uhm where is baby girl?
I look every where downstairs, nope. I even look in the coat closet, her favorite hiding place, nope. That leaves upstairs. My mind races a million miles an hour. What is she up to? What has she done now? I'm all out of my favorite stain remover.
 Yep, there she is, he back towards me, but her head slightly tilted towards me, almost like a scene from a freaky horror movie, yep, with the smile all.

The conversation went something like this.

Me to baby girl age 5- Baby girl what are you doing?
Baby girl to me, who's age will never be spoken- Nothing! 
Me- Well Its something, it smells pretty bad up here.
Baby girl- Well, I was painting.
Me- What are you painting. (as I take a few steps closer I see that our elderly cat is in her lap and she is holding him down and painting his nails a bright pink.)
Me-Uhm, why are you painting Kitty's toenails? (yes, his name is kitty, big girl named him when she was 4)
Baby girl- Because he needs to have style, and look pretty.
Me- Kitty doesn't know what style is, he's a cat.
Baby girl- He does know style- he has on a black and white suite, he knows mama, he knows.
Me- Well, if HE is a boy cat and he is in a black and white suite (as cat scurries away) why does he need his nails painted?
Baby girl- MOM ,Lady Gaga said its ok, he is different, he was born this way.
Me- Give me the nail polish and wash up, because you were not born with pink hands. (sigh, note to self, no more Lady GAGA!)

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