Fajita, nachos and what? Corn in a cup?

So the last time i wrote, before the guest post. I was ranting about how we will be getting rid of the corn in a cup that we just introduced to our menu. I questioned the fact that so many people in these small towns would not even give it a chance. But, I think I  also mentioned that I didnt really want to give up on it, but that it just is turning out to be a big flop....a financial flop.

Wellllll, my gut did not fail me. We decided that this past weekend would be our last go at the whole corn in a cup guy. We even decided that my husband would be the one to remove the cute little corn guy decal off of the trailer. There was no way that I would be able to be that strong and remove mr. cute corn from my front display.

So, the event here in town started off a tad bit slow, but boy o boy did it pick up. It was busy. It was so busy that we were making sells left and right. And guess what was selling the most....that's right the corn in a cup.

We sold out of the corn by about 2pm and we still had three more hours to go. We wanted dearly to reload on corn but for one reason or another we didn't...possibly since I had locked my self and the two youngest kids out of the car doing an errand run earlier that day. But, I'll leave that part of our adventure for another post.

WE SOLD OUT. Three words that I wasn't sure we would ever be able to say, and definitely not say it about the corn. Who knew? Well, I did. It was husband of little faith that wanted to give up.
Guess what we are keeping on the menu now? Yep, the corn.
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If you want to know more about the corn check out the post I did a week or so ago. before the last guest post. It will give you all the yummy details. Can you say butter.

Oh yeah, by the way. We are gearing up for another HUGE weekend in Mesquite Texas. The famed Pat Greene is supposed to be there. I cant wait to write all about it. If you live in the Texas area Mesquite to be exact, come by and see us at the mesquite Real Texas festival, its huge and it looks amazing.


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