Whitney Houston, my kind of girl!

Its been a few day since my last post. The last time I left you, I was happy and ready to find another topic to write about.

I never thought it would be about the death of one my all time, ultimate favorite singers.  I was not even sure if I would be able to write today.  I knew I couldn't write the night I found out. All I could do, as I'm sure many of her fans could do was listen. Listen to the greatness that was Whitney.  I googled, I youtubed, I went to my ipod and just submersed myself in her music.  I watched the news all night waiting to hear the latest on her death. I watched until I could no longer hold my eyes open.

Any one that knows me personally, knows that I have a passion for music and great singers. NOT mediocre singers, not so so singers, but GREAT singers...awesome singers....amazing singers.

So unless you have been living under a rock then you have heard that the world has lost an amazing talent in Whitney Houston.  Her music transcended race, color and creed.

For me, a young Mexican American girl growing up poor in the 80's, was not as bad as people would think. Why you ask?  Because it was through her music that I could escape. It was through her songs that I could express my self. It was her music that brought me joy and even sorrow. It was her voice, so crisp, so clear, so angelic that inspired me to want to be a singer ( And I did through out high school. In competitions, choir, and on local television, but I'll leave that for another conversation.)

Many of you may also know that she was an addict, struggling to make it through life. Struggling to find some sort of peace and happiness. A happiness that she lacked but her smile hid so well. Oh and that smile. That smile could light a room and light up rooms it did. Rooms all across America and possibly the world.

Whats getting me is all the negativity that is surrounding her untimely death. Yes, we all know that she most likely died because of drugs, legal or illegal.
All of the comment threads on blogs, twitter, news feeds have people making some of the most hateful and frankly, disgusting comments.  My question is this though. What gives people the right to be so distasteful, so ignorant, so hateful?  I wont bother retyping the ignorance, but I'm sure you can imagine for your self.

So she was an addict. So she was not perfect. Who among us is? I know I'm not. I know that there was only one person who walked this earth who was with out sin. Jesus Christ (My savior).

Only Our Father can judge her and the choices she made in her life.  The way I see it is that she made those choices because she was fighting a daemon, maybe even a few of them. She was fighting something deeper than most of us (unless you have been an addict) will ever be able to understand.

So as I end this post. I would like to remind you of who she was. At one time she was someones newborn baby girl, born into this world by the grace of God. She was someones cousin. She was someones mother, and leaves behind a very young daughter to grieve the loss of her mother, and although she has extended family, she most likely feels alone in this world, for the woman who brought her into this world is now gone.  She was someones friend. She was an inspiration to millions.

In her prime, she was an inspiration to me. In her pain she was a reason for prayers, from me.

 You were a gift from God. We were all lucky to be witness to the talent that was you. Rest in peace now Whitney. The lord is with you.

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