Seriously SONY! Exploiting Whitney's death

So its Valentines day. It was nice around here. I got the 3 kids sweet heart treats and the hubby got me a HUGE valentine heart 'o chocolate. Can you say YUM? 

So this morning I hear some news about Whitney and the only thing that I could say was WTH?

I'm so pissed. Sony and Itunes decided to hike the price up on Whitney's records only 12 hours after she died. Now that's classy.

What kind of scum does that? She was broke and living off of the label and their handouts, while they had her cd's at $7.99. Now that she is dead they decide oh, lets raise the price so WE CAN GET RICHER OFF OF WHITNEY!  Freaking SCUM BAGS!!

Well, no matter now. She is gone and those who used her up will have to live with the guilt of what they did, as users and enablers. I hope they can sleep at night. I'm pretty sure Bobby Christina
(her daughter) CANT!

I know I just wrote about not judging Whitney about her drug use. And I go on a rant about the label using Whitney. I guess I'm just upset and feel terrible for her and her daughter. After all the money she made for the label, all of her money is gone. I'm pretty sure I know where it went, and that in its self is just a shame.

On the bright side....this very post is my 200th post. WOW! Its been a long blogging road. But its been a pretty fun one. I cant wait to get to my 400th.

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