Checking you out

I have been busy today. Trying to check out lots of my fellow bloggers for decorating tips. I'm bored of the decor in my living room but want some inexpensive ideas on how to change it up. So, I'm off to explore. I'm also trying to break my addiction to facebook but, I think I'm actually getting what is being called facebook fatigue.  Facebook.....talk about a major time warp. I'll get on with the intention of checking up on my friends, who by the way are really friends that I used to work with, and only see once a month. Not just people I knew in high school and dont talk to in real life, nor really care to.


I want to encourage you to check out some of my past post.  I have lots of product and website reviews and I also have a few guest bloggers in my archives.

I guess blogging with a 1 year old in my lap is not as easy as I thought it would be.

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