Strep Throat! and a Funeral

Whoa, another weekend that just blew me out of the water.
It was nice rainy and snugly day all day Saturday. I watched Whitney's funeral. I thought I held up well. Very little tears. I laughed and was taken aback by some of the speakers bot in a good way and a bad way. Clive Davis just ticked me off. He talked and talked about his bungalow at the hotel. WHO CARES how rich you are, a woman is dead. Alicia Keys grossed me out with her strange moaning before she sang. Tyler Perry had me convinced that he is a full time preacher and that I should leave my Catholic church and become a Southern Baptist. It was a wonderful service. It was a long service but it was very special...it was, like the preachers there called it  "CHURCH!" The end of the funeral when her song played as they walked her casket out just broke me. The strong woman I thought I was became that young girl growing up in the 80's who just lost one of her all time favorite idols. The sweetest part was that my hubby knew how sad this was for me to watch that as soon as he heard the song he stopped what he was doing and came over to the sofa didn't say a word and just put his arms around me.  So with that I will end my Whitney posts. I will just say Whitney, I will always love you!"

The rest of the day was normal. Kids fighting, tattling, and playing. I love my kids but damn it they drive me nuts when they fight all day. That is the problem with rainy days. I want to stay in my pj's and just listen to the rain. They, filled with all that energy want to run and jump, normal yes, on top of mom, not so much.

 Little did I know that my baby boy was about to get hit with a horrible case of Strep throat. He woke up Saturday night with a fever of 102.8 and climbing. Wish I had a better thermometer mine sucks. Anyway, he wakes up burning hot, and basically stays that way all weekend up until yesterday. I guess I have to thank his good pediatrician who figured it out. I was convinced it was an ear infection, but I should have known, he pulls his ear anytime he cries. It just seemed like he pulled his ear all weekend.....oh yeah, it was.

So, today is a sunny and beautiful day in N.Texas and he is loving being out side again. Hopefully soon he will regain his appetite and start eating again.
And maybe now, I can get a little time to write again.

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